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Entertainment in Plano, TX

The two main Open Space Preserves, Bob Woodruff Park (321 acres) and Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve (801 acres), are connected by biking trails making the green space one large uninterrupted park space that is larger than Central Park in New York City (840 acres).

​Plano is 6.2 miles to Richardson, 21.8 miles to Frisco, 14 miles to McKinney, 20.1 miles to Dallas. You might want to investigate Richardson, TXFrisco, TX,  McKinney, TX, and Dallas, TX, for our Texas Real Estate Online classes.

Plano, Texas
Economy in Plano, TX

According to the Plano 2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the top employers in Plano are:

1   Bank of America Home Loans
2   HP Enterprise Services 
3   Capital One 
4   JCPenney 
5   Ericsson 
6   Alcatel-Lucent 
7    Frito-Lay 
8   Dell 
9   Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano 
10Medical Center of Plano 

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About Real Estate Licensing School, Plano, TX

If you are in the city of Plano, Collin County, you are a bit closer to a great online real estate school to secure your real estate license. If you are looking to get a Texas Real Estate License, this could be for you. Our website is accessible worldwide. Simply give us a call at 972-948-2860 or log into to take the full 180 hours online. Or you can take a short cut by clicking on a big red button labeled Pre-License Courses above. Click there and you can order 6 thirty hour courses totaling 180 hours, which is needed to get a Texas Real Estate License.

You can order and complete your Sales Apprenticeship Education (SAE) classes by clicking on the red button labeled Post/SAE Courses. 

In addition, you can also order and complete your Continuing Education CE, also known as MCE, by going to by clicking on the big red button labeled MCE. 

Whether you are taking a classroom or an online class it is good to be aware of the Exam Preps that we are offer. We have both Online Exam Preps in the form of books at our Texas Real Estate Bookstore. 

If you want to take the 180 hours in a classroom to gain instructor experience you need to participate in person at our Plano or Grapevine Texas Real Estate School just north of Dallas, Texas. These real estate licensing classes are held on the weekend in Plano and weekdays in Grapevine

Our Plano Real Estate School held on weekends in Plano, TX, on 1301 Custer Road #832.
 For more information on this call 972-948-2860 or log into Gray link #1 goes to Plano, gray link #2 goes to Grapevine, and gray link #3 goes to the online courses.